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How do I claim missing Miles?

Want to claim the Miles earned with your travel cabin? All you have to do for flights operated by Air France or KLM is to send copies of your ticket and boarding pass to the Flying Blue customer service. For flights with other partner airlines, including SkyTeam, and non-partner airlines, send a copy of your ticket and the original boarding pass to Flying Blue customer service. If you have purchased an upgrade, please attach a copy of the proof of payment.

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How long will it take to claim missing Miles?

Did you travel on a flight that was eligible for earning Miles, but you still don't see those Miles in your account? Don't worry! You can claim any missing Miles between 2 weeks and 6 months after the date of your flight. If you don't see the Miles you earned after an activity with a non-airline partner, you can claim those Miles up to 6 months after the activity in question.

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Can I combine my Flying Blue Miles and SkyMiles?

SkyMiles earned through the Delta Airlines loyalty program cannot be combined with your Flying Blue Miles. For more information about our partner Delta, please see their website at

Can I credit Miles on tickets I paid for my family?

You can only earn Miles if the ticket or additional Option is in your name. However, each member of your family can have Miles credited to his/her own account.

Can I earn Miles for a flight made before I joined the Flying Blue Programme?

You can credit flights taken 6 months prior to becoming a Flying Blue member.

Can I earn Flying Blue Miles with Transavia?

Good news! Yes, you can also earn Miles on eligible flights operated by Transavia.

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Can I earn Miles or XP on a reward ticket?

You cannot earn Miles or XP with reward tickets (tickets paid for with Miles).

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When will my Miles be credited to my Flying Blue account?

Miles are automatically credited to your account after your flight. If you travel with Air France or KLM, they should be credited within 2 weeks. For Miles earned with one of our partners (hotels, car rentals, etc.), this might take up to 8 weeks.

How long do my miles stay valid?

As long as 1 of the following conditions is fulfilled, your Miles remain valid for life:

  • You travel at least once every 2 years on an eligible flight with Air France, KLM or one of the partner airlines.
  • You are a Silver, Gold or Platinum member.
  • You make a purchase with an eligible partner bank card at least once every 2 years.

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Which flights are eligible for earning miles?

An eligible flight refers to any flight that lets you earn Miles, meaning:

  • All flights with the prefix AF or KL
  • All flights operated by a SkyTeam airline or a Flying Blue partner airline
  • All flights operated by one of our airline partners if the booking class is eligible for Miles earning.

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